What states is Turbo Term currently available in?

Turbo Term is currently available throughout the United States with the exception of California and New York.

How do I write Turbo Term applications?

Please click this link to view a short walk through video or alternatively, follow the steps below.

The online application is currently available via the Turbo Term button on the homepage of GTL’s Agent Portal. Paper application submissions are not available.

The button will take you to an MRS login screen. Log in using your GTL credentials.

Select “Start Interview” in the left navigation.

Select “Turbo Term” on the main screen.

Follow the application instructions. The left navigation will track your application process.

How do I access Turbo Term marketing materials?

All marketing materials for Turbo Term are available by logging into GTL’s Agent Portal or e-App. When you are logged in, click on the “Access GTLink” button on the home screen. From there, you will be able to access marketing materials, download or order forms, and access training webinars.

Where can I get GTL's e-App?

GTL’s e-App is available on Apple, Android and Windows 10 devices.

If you prefer to use a browser on your computer, you can access GTL’s Agent Portal by clicking here.

Is there any manual underwriting that will apply?

Yes, over certain face amounts AND over certain ages, Manual Underwriting may be required.

What are the underwriting classes that apply to Turbo Term?

There are multiple underwriting classes that apply to Turbo Term:

  • Non-tobacco
    • Preferred (combination of Pref Plus & Pref)
    • Standard Plus
    • Standard (priced to include Std-T4)
  • Tobacco
    • Preferred Tob
    • Standard Tob (priced to include Std-T4)

How many cases do we expect can go through non-medical, accelerated underwriting process?

We expect approximately 70% will go through the accelerated underwriting process and 30% of business cannot be issued through non-med auto-underwriting process

  • Hannover also to do manual underwriting for such cases
  • Utilize traditional underwriting – Exam/fluids, APS or EHR may be required on this 30% that require manual underwriting.

Is there a policy fee and is it commissionable?

Yes, there is a $36 policy fee per year, and it is Non-commissionable.

What are the minimum and maximum face amounts?

The Minimum face amount is $100,000. The Maximum face amount is $1,000,000 but it also varies by Issue age and Term Period (max issue age = 70 years old) and to a maximum attained age of 80 years old.


Term Length
Min Issue Age1015202530


*Non-med/Accelerated UW only available to max age 65.  Full underwriting (exam/labs) required for ages >65.

What are the additional benefits via riders available under Turbo Term?

There are 4 additional benefits via riders:

Terminal illness rider (ICC21-R21ADB and RG21ADB)

  • Embedded at no additional cost
  • Accelerates up to [90%] of DB if insured is diagnosed with terminal illness and has less than 12 months to live.
  • Includes a one-time expense charge for acceleration of $250
  • Acceleration reduces policy premium to what it would have been if the policy was issued originally at the lower face amount
  • GTL will calculate the accelerated death benefit once claim is reported.

Accidental death rider (ICC21-R21AD and RG21AD)

  • Optional rider with additional premium – rates vary by age and sex only
  • No additional UW
  • Applies to primary insured only, not covered children if any.
  • Doubles death benefit for death due to accident or offers AD benefit up to max $250k.

Waiver of premium rider (ICC21-R21WP and RG21WP)

  • Optional rider with additional premium
  • Available up to issue age 55
  • No additional UW
  • Rates vary by age, sex, smoker status and term length
  • Waives premium if insured is Totally Disabled for at least 6 months
    • If Totally Disabled before age 60 – waiver claim can extend indefinitely
    • If Totally Disabled after age 60 – premium will be waived to age 65
  • Total Disability definition
    • First 24 months – own occ
    • Months 25+ – any occ

Child rider (ICC21-R21CHILD and RG21CHILD)

  • Optional rider with additional premium – flat rate across all ages independent of the number of children insured.
  • Additional UW – ask minimal (3 or less) question related to children’s health (Ex: Has a child listed for coverage been diagnosed with an injury or illness that is expected to shorten their life expectancy to under 30 years of age)
  • Term life coverage for ALL biological and adopted children
  • Children must be between ages of 15 days and 18 years at time of application. Children born or adopted after coverage begins are also covered.
  • Coverage to age [25] or marriage if younger
  • Will market two benefit levels – 5k or 10k.

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Turbo Term, Individual Level Term Life Insurance, is issued on Policy Form Series ICC21-21TL, and Rider Form Series ICC21-R21ADD, ICC21-R21ADB, ICC21-R1CHILD, and ICC21-21WP by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (GTL), Glenview, IL. This product’s availability, features, riders and terms under which coverage may be continued in-force or discontinued vary by state. Certain exclusions and limitations apply. For cost and complete details of coverage, please contact us.

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